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BIG NEWS: Walden, a game wins the Developer’s Choice Award at IndieCade 2017!

EARLIER NEWS: Walden, a game wins Game of the Year and Most Significant Impact at Games for Change! Check out the game today at or buy it now on at:

December 11, 2017: I’ll be doing a Keynote at the California STEAM Symposium in San Francisco on “Celebration of Creativity and Diverse Perspectives in STEAM Education”.

October 7, 2017: I’ll be talking about the decade-long production of Walden, a game at IndieCade: “Different Drummers: How to Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams.” Also, exhibiting Walden all weekend!

August 16, 2017: I’ll be doing an “INconversation” at Gen Con — so cool, it will be my first time there!

August 14-15, 2017: I’ll be attending Foundations of Digital Games in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and speaking on two panels. One is “Game Design & Development Curriculum: History and Future Directions” and the other is on “Playing with History: Creating Games Around Historical Themes & Content”. Excited for both of these!

August 31, 2017: I’ll be giving a Civics and Social Issues Keynote at Games for Change on “Games of Life: Exploring the Arts and Humanities Through Play”. I’ll also be responding to Richard Lemarchand’s Well Played session on Walden, a game.

July 29, 2017: Walden, a game will be featured at NYPlayarcade at the NY Public Library.

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