Events: 2009

November 16, 2009: Montreal International Game Summit – I’ll be participating on a panel about Designing for Impact: Where the Talk Meets the Walk with Suzanne Seggerman of Games for Change, Mary Flanagan of Tiltfactor, and Alex Eberts of Akoha. We’ll be discussing design strategies that affect real world change.November 13, 2009: Forever Barbie – The Global Marketing of Pop Culture and American Femininity. I’ll be participating on a panel on Barbie in Visual Culture during this 2-day conference at USC bringing together scholars, artists, business professionals, and students to reflect on the year-long, much publicized celebration of Barbie’s 50th anniversary.

October 1-4, 2009: Indiecade Festival. I’ll be speaking on Friday, October 2 in Culver City at this festival of independent games about The Night Journey and Walden.

September 25, 2009: Serious Games Conference, Seoul. I’ll be speaking with Suzanne Seggerman and Alan Gershenfeld at this conference and festival for serious games in Seoul, Korea.

August 18, 2009: GDC Europe 2009. I’ll be presenting on a panel called Designing Women with a number of other female game designers.

August 11, 2009: Microsoft Research. I’ll be presenting on Participation Nation: Designing Games that Engage Students in History and their Own Futures.

August 3-7, 2009: SIGGRAPH 2009. I’m one of the co-authors of a paper to be presented this year on Designing History: the Path to Participation Nation. Also, I’ll be on a panel on Instigating Change: Models for Positive Games.

July 30, 2009: Intergenerational Play Workshop. The Game Innovation Lab will be hosting this workshop with the Joan Ganz Cooney Center and the University of Michigan. The workshop, which is sponsored by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, will be presenting research on learning, literacy and intergenerational play patterns.

July 15, 2009: Psychometrics of Simulations/Games Workshop. I’ll be speaking on Playcentric Design: a Perspective on Game Development at this workshop hosted by the UCLA Center for Advanced Technology in Schools team.

June 10-12, 2009: Games + Learning + Society. Myself and several graduate students from the Game Innovation lab will be presenting on our research into intergenerational play, along with Dixie Ching from our partners at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center.

June 2, 2009: Art Institute of Los Angeles. I’ll be speaking here on game innovation and the significance of play.

May 27-29, 2009: Games for Change. I’ll be speaking on a panel about documentary games at this conference in New York and also participating in the Games 101 workshop.

April 26-30, 2009: Foundations of Digital Games Conference. I’ll be attending this conference/cruise, for which I am also one of the program committee members in game studies/game design.

April 23, 2009: Dartmouth College. I’ll be speaking in Mary Flanagan’s game design class at Dartmouth as part of their Digital Arts and Humanities Lecture Series and visiting Mary’s Tiltfactor Lab .

March 23-27, 2009: Game Developers Conference 2009. I’ll be giving a mind-blowingly fast Microtalk alongside Eric Zimmerman, Robin Hunicke, Frank Lantz, Jenova Chen, John Sharp, Clint Hocking and N’Gai Croal as part of Rich Lemarchand’s One Hour, Ten Speakers, Unlimited Ideas panel. I will also be offering feedback during the Student IGF Post-Mortems and participating on a panel on women in games, Play Games to Work Smarter.

March 17-18, 2009: Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab. I’ll be visiting the Gambit lab for several days to see more of what they’ve been working on and meet their research and development team.

March 13-17, 2009: SXSW Interactive. I’ll be speaking on the panel Funologists Live & In Person: Guerrilla Game Research organized by Julie Ratner of Big Fish Games.

February 22, 2009: Hamilton College, NY. I’ll be speaking at Hamilton’s Forum for Images and Language in Motion on The Night Journey, Walden and other Game Innovation Lab projects.

January 22, 2009: Sundance Film Festival. I’ll be speaking on a panel about “Created Worlds” moderated by Production Designer Alex McDowell.