Yes, and…

Yes, and… is an inclusive brainstorming game based on best practices at USC Games.

Walden, a game

Walden, a game, simulates the experiment in living made by philosopher and naturalist Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond in 1845-47.

Life Underground


Life Underground is a game for middle school students about the search for and understand of microscopic life at a range of subsurface conditions.

On the Safe Side

On the Safe Side is an orientation game for all incoming USC students to help them develop good safety habits on and around campus.



California! is a prototype of a playful interactive textbook for 5th grade Common Core History.

Chrono Cards: WWI


ChronoCards is a set of classroom games designed to teach critical 21st century historical thinking skills to middle school students.

FutureBound Games

FutureBound Games is a suite of college knowledge games that help kids realize their college aspirations.

Graduate Strike Force

Graduate Strike Force is a game for high school students around college choice and financial decision-making.

Future Bound

Future Bound is a mobile game for middle school students about building career ambitions.

Mission: Admission

Mission: Admission is an online game that helps high school students learn about college access and the application process.