Application Crunch

Application Crunch is a card game to help high school students learn strategies around college access and the application process.

Reality Ends Here


Reality is an underground game experience created as an orientation experience for incoming freshmen at the School of Cinematic Arts.


The Center for Advanced Technology in Schools is a project in collaboration with UCLA CRESST to create pre-algebra games with embedded assessment methods.

Participation Nation

Participation Nation is a prototype for an innovative cross-media learning environment focused on U.S. Constitutional history and civics.

The Night Journey

The Night Journey is a unique game/art project being developed at the Game Innovation lab in collaboration with Bill Viola, an internationally acclaimed artist and MacArthur fellow.


Cloud is a phenomenally successful student research project from the Game Innovation Lab. More than 1,000,000 people have downloaded this game from

Space Race

Space Race is one of a new breed of theme park attractions — an interactive, multiplayer game that challenges players to take on the roles of space shuttle pilots and mission controllers.

No Boundaries

No Boundaries was the first team-based interactive television program developed. Online players followed television contestants in a virtual trek to the Arctic Circle.

Weakest Link

Weakest Link Interactive was an Emmy-nominated iTV game that allowed home viewers to play along with the hit game show.

Cyber Bond

Cyber Bond was an iTV game created to play alongside the “15 Days of Bond” Marathon on TBS.