On the Safe Side

On the Safe Side is a service project being created for the USC Provost’s Office which, when completed, will be played by all incoming USC students as part of their orientation to the campus and life in Los Angeles.

Adjusting to life in a mega city like Los Angeles is often difficult for students coming from out of the country or smaller towns and cities. Knowing the right safety precautions to take, and how to integrate safety with the realities of life on and off campus are at the heart of this light-hearted training game. Should you walk alone at night to the ATM or call a friend? What should you do if you witness an accident? What common kinds of campus accidents can proper attention help you avoid? Each of the levels of play introduce new challenges for the player, helping them to develop good safety awareness and strategies.

My role is working with a team of game designers at the lab to develop and iterate the underlying design to align with the desired safety learning. The team also includes partners in the Provost’s office, Campus Safety and other key departments at USC. This project is a work in progress. When it is complete, it will be released to all incoming USC students and become a requirement for Trojan orientation.