Space Race

Space Race is one of a new breed of theme park attractions — an interactive, multiplayer game that challenges players to take on the roles of space shuttle pilots and mission controllers.

A post-show for the popular Mission: SPACE attraction at EPCOT Center Disney World Florida, Space Race combines simple to learn puzzles with fast-paced team play as guests try to solve navigation, life support, propulsion and various other themed challenges in order to keep their spacecraft racing through the galaxy.

As a puzzle designer for the game, I provided concepts for simple, touch-based visual problems that were accessible for guests of all ages and skill levels. Once each puzzle is completed, guests “transmit” their answers to the “astronauts” for use on their team’s shuttle.

Launched in 2003, this post-show is one of the only non-ride attractions to have its own “fast pass” in order to accommodate visitor demand.