Mission: Admission

Mission: Admission adapts the underlying game play systems found in Application Crunch to a multiplayer digital environment. The game is played on Facebook over the course of a week of real time, which puts a strong focus on real world time management. In-game deadlines occur in real time throughout the game week, driving home student learning around planning, preparing early, and meeting critical deadlines.

As the PI for the project, I worked with a team of game designers at the lab to develop and iterate the underlying game design so that player use would align with our desired learning goals. The team also includes our partners at the Pullias Center, as well as high school teachers and students, who participated in our “junior design camp” for the project.

Mission: Admission is currently the focus of a Department of Education First in the World Grant, which will provide quantitative research regarding the impact of the game. Earlier qualitative work found a strong correlation between playing two or more in-game weeks and higher levels of college going efficacy. The game has been played by more than 2300 students as part of the ongoing research.