No Boundaries

No Boundaries was the first team-based interactive television program to be developed. Online players followed television contestants in a virtual trek to the Arctic Circle.

As the president and creative director for Spiderdance, I designed the underlying game mechanics, produced the development of the game, and put together the unique three-party production deal with The WB, J Walter Thompson and Lions Gate. This deal involved integrated sponsorship by Ford Motor Company in both the on-air and online games.

At home players could create their own private or public teams and follow along with the on-air show with their teammates. As the on-air contestants made their way through the Arctic wilderness on an extreme journey, testing both mind and body, so too did each online team work its way across a virtual map, managing resources and testing their survival knowledge and leadership skills.

The show aired on The WB in the United States and on Global in Canada in March of 2002.