Ride for Your Life

Ride for Your Life was a “cinematic game” starring Adam West, Betty Buckley and Matthew Lillard. This early experiment into the intersection between film, games and interactive narrative was released in 47 theaters nationwide in 1995.

As creative director for Interfilm and writer/co-director of Ride for Your Life, I was part of a team of technologists and creative inventors who developed the proprietary hardware and software system for this project and several other Interfilm features.

Unlike earlier Interfilm projects, which were branching film experiences, Ride for Your Life was designed to be played like a large, social videogame in a riotous theater audience. The comic book story was a tongue-in-cheek tale of aliens, government agents and bike messengers. When the story begins, the fate of the earth hangs on the outcome of a bicycle race.

Viewers were able to make game choices using a three-button controller installed on the arm of their theater seat. Choices were reflected instantaneously on-screen in film sequences that were as fast as 10-seconds apart as the audience steers the messengers through the twists and turns of downtown Manhattan via bicycle.

The final sequence of the game is a flat-out race through Central Park which could end up in a resounding victory for the audience, or it could end up in an alien invasion of the earth … it’s up to you.