Weakest Link

Weakest Link Interactive was an Emmy-nominated iTV game that allowed home viewers to play along with the hit game show.

As the president and creative director for Spiderdance, I designed the user interface and online game mechanics, produced the upgrade to the back end technology, and negotiated the business deal with NBC to bring the game to life.

Weakest Link, which aired during NBC prime-time, drew the largest two-screen iTV audiences of any Spiderdance application to date when it launched in the fall of 2001.

The sardonic humor and playfully degrading tone of the broadcast show were faithfully translated to the online game with it’s sarcastic feedback and criticism of players regarding their performance.

In 2002, when the first Emmy awards for Interactive Television were announced, Weakest Link Interactive became one of the first iTV programs nominated for this honor in the history of the Television Academy. The project was also the winner of a 2001 Bandies award.